The 7-Step Plan That Gets You from One Home to the Next, Frenzy-Free!

Packing up boxes and lugging them from one home to the next is the absolute worst part of moving. Your friends and family probably don’t want to chip in either, especially the kids. They’ll dread the frustration of having to track you down over and over to ask which room to set each box in. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Moving Doesn’t Have to be Awful

Designed for the DIY mover, Moving Game Plans is the 7-step plan that gets you from one home to the next, frenzy-free!

It’s a mover’s best friend—a unique visual system that organizes and simplifies the packing, unloading, and unpacking process, saving you and your move team hours (if not days) of precious time.

Moving Game Plans makes it easy for the people helping you move, too! They simply compare our color-coded chart to your color-coded boxes, then look for that color on the door jamb of the corresponding room—and BOOM! They’ll know exactly where to put each box. No more confusion over which room is “Bedroom 1,” “Bedroom 2,” or “Bedroom 3,” and no more boxes being dropped in the garage because “I don’t know where this goes.”

You can use it with pro movers, too


If you’re using a professional moving company to unload at your new home, Moving Game Plans can help there, too. Using the exact same system, movers at your new house can use your color-coded chart to know exactly where to drop each box. Just send the chart with the moving van, and you won’t even have to be there when your boxes are unloaded.

As an added bonus, our free downloadable floorplan templates will help movers understand where to place beds and other large furniture when you’re not there.

Kids will love it

The best part of Moving Game Plans—the thing that makes it truly unique—is that it’s also a game! Your family members can race to complete important jobs, helping to ensure that everyone stays on task. For instance, in the first step, each person will pick the color they want to use to identify their room during the move.

Once that’s done, they can add their game piece to the first stepping stone. In the next step, each person will add their room label to the color-coded chart on the line that corresponds with the color they chose.

In Step 3, the race is on! It’s time to start packing and labelling each box with the color that corresponds to the room each person is in charge of. Whoever finishes Step-7 first wins bragging rights or a prize of the move manager’s choosing.

Although, really, everyone wins because you all made it safely to your new home!

For the #EasiestMoveEVER, Think Beyond the Box!

Our Realtor gave us your product and we can’t thank her enough! It made our move more organized, and much more fun! We found the system very clever and useful and the kids enjoyed picking colors and using them, which made helping out more fun. We all loved the product! 

It's a wonderful idea. There are too many mega-businesses and corporations these days selling junk. And not enough small, custom businesses with outstanding products and service like yours! Nina - Los Altos Hills, CA ★★★★★ / Read More Testimonials ⟩