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At Moving Game Plans, we're not just about moving; we're about transforming this often overwhelming process into an exciting adventure. Our mission? To provide unmatched support for users seeking a stress-free way to plan and execute their moves, while also offering innovative tools for REALTORS® and Senior Move Managers.

Here's what makes us stand out

From REALTORS® enriching client relationships to families turning moving day into interactive fun, Moving Game Plans is reshaping the way we approach relocation. 

Are you ready to make your next move not just efficient, but enjoyable? Join the many who have revolutionized their moving experience with Moving Game Plans.

Together, we're redefining moving - one game at a time!

It's About More Than Dollar Signs

We're not just here to sell you stuff. Our goal goes beyond transactions. We're dedicated to creating a seamless, positive moving experience to help you step into the next chapter of your life with ease.

What our customers are saying!

“Moving Game Plans was a treasure during our move!

The easy-to-see color coding was simple to follow and everything landed in the right place.

Quite amazing to watch!”

Sharon, Scotts Valley CA

Moving Game

“This product helped greatly to organize my move and saved me hours of time. I like the way that it took me through downsizing my possessions and packing to move. I will be recommending it to my friends!”

Jim - Watsonville CA

Downsizing Magic

“My husband and I own a moving company and we love this moving kit! It not only saves our customers time and money, our crew loves how easy it is when they are unloading the moving truck.”

Nikki, Santa Cruz Moving Services

What the Pros Say

“We've incorporated Moving Game Plans into our business and love the experience it adds to our listing plans. The materials are high quality and packaged smartly. Definitely recommend keeping a few spare in your trunk as gifts!”

Jeremy, KW Los Gatos, CA

Moving Game

“My sellers LOVED the gift I gave to them. They told me the color coded system helped them organize their move and relieved a lot of stress.

These clients are also close personal friends of mine so keeping them happy means a great deal to me. There's nothing like Moving Made Fun!”

Russell, KW Larchmont, CA 

What the Pros Say

“Your moving game took the stress out of packing for our move. Everyone including the kids participated because of the game factor and ease of use.

The color coding took the guess work out of where things go once the movers arrived. Stress level averted.”

Kristine, San Jose CA

Moving Game

“My clients LOVED the idea of color-coding each box for a different room. Putting the map in the front door for the movers—and little piece of tape above each door—makes great sense.

Each of their kids picked their playing pieces as soon as they opened the tube!

Your moving game helps build relationships with my clients and I like that you have an eco-friendly option.”

Nathan, Pierce RE Hollister CA

What the Pros Say

“I used the moving kit when making a local move. My husband and I rented a POD and packed it ourselves. We had friends help us unpack and it went like a breeze! Instead of me having to direct traffic all day, I put the Chart on the house and explained how it worked. I was able to unpack my kitchen, assemble & make the beds, and even get some of the artwork hung by the end of the day!”

Katherine - Santa Cruz CA

Moving Game

“I saw your Ad and thought it might be perfect for clients packing up a lifetime house and moving out of state. They called, thrilled with the gift of the moving game! Simply putting a piece of colored tape makes the process so much faster and simpler.”

Catherine - Red Oak Realty, Berkeley CA

What the Pros Say

“Your moving kit made our move 10 times easier and faster. Simply apply the tape color to the box when packing to match the corresponding room in your new place. The handy wall chart keeps all the colors and rooms organized. Everyone who moves needs one of these kits!”

Kelly, Monterey CA

Moving Game

“As a professional Move Manager, I help my clients with all the phases of moving. This product helps me organize their move in a way that streamlines everything.

The system is clean, efficient, and fun! I will be recommending it to other move managers as well as friends and family.”

Theresa, Move Made Simple

What the Pros Say

“When moving recently we loved this game as a family because we all got involved. It made moving way more fun and enjoyable.”

Catherine, Carmel CA

Moving Game

“Our Realtor gave us your product and we can’t thank her enough! It made our move more organized, and much more fun! We found the system very clever and useful and the kids enjoyed picking colors and using them, which made helping out more fun. We all loved the product!”

Nina, Los Altos Hills CA

Moving Game

“Absolutely thrilled with my purchase! Exceeded my expectations in every way.

The quality is outstanding, and it has truly enhanced my Realtor process with prospects and clients. The design is not only stylish but also functional, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

What impressed me the most was the product's durability. Additionally, the customer service from this seller was exceptional. They were prompt, helpful, and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction.

I highly recommend this product and this seller to anyone looking for top-notch quality and service. A solid 5-star rating – well-deserved!”

Eric, Compass Beverly Hills CA

What the Pros Say

“I bought the Moving Game for our son who was moving his family from Sarasota to Houston. The game worked perfectly. Our 7 and 10 year old grandsons really got into it and had a ball on both ends of the move. I would highly recommend it to anyone moving, really makes it much smoother.”

Hugh, Sarasota FL

Moving Game

“Your products are so flexible. They can be a celebration gift for buyers who need to pack up, a reward in an Open House giveaway, a Listing gift before they move, and even fabulous add on's for people downsizing, etc. I highly recommend it!”

Shannon, KW Los Gatos

What the Pros Say

“We used Moving Game Plans on our recent move to Monterey Ca and found it to be a very helpful organizational tool. Assigning a color on the chart to each room and placing the colored tape on each box saved a significant amount of time and labor. Placing tape on the boxes is a quicker process than labeling with a marker. Boxes were moved first time to temporary storage and it was easy to find those must-have-now items. I highly recommend this product!”

Michael - Whitefish MT

Moving Game

“I love your new Downsizing Magic products! The system makes sorting through possessions, which can be overwhelming, a simpler, more organized process.

The kits are obviously well thought out, making the system easy to follow and speeding up the packing/sorting process.

I recommend these kits to anyone who is dreading the prospect of figuring out what to do with their possessions and how to plan their move, or even just downsizing.”

Antonia, KW Los Banos CA

What the Pros Say

“The moving kit is so helpful! It made me feel very organized. I love that the tape can be easily torn vs needing scissors. The tube it comes in is very nice quality as is the "game board". The colored tape idea is awesome and having the Chart to go along with it made it so much smoother for not only us but for our movers! I will always use this method moving forward, game changer!”

Celza, Tracy CA

Moving Game

“Downsizing Magic is a great tool for helping families and seniors organize their move. As a realtor one of the biggest issues, I see with my clients when they want to sell their home, is their fear around packing and sometimes downsizing as well.

For my senior clients I often recommend hiring a personal move manager to help. This tool kit is a way to guide them through the process without that expense. Getting started is always the hardest part and getting started without a plan is disastrous. This kit helps with both and changes the feeling of anxiety into an achievable planned process so they can get on with their lives in their new home.”

Natalie, Sotheby’s Carmel CA

What the Pros Say