Open House Bingo

For those looking for a unique lead generation accessory for their REALTOR® toolbox, this is it! Our Open House Bingo™ lead-gen tool can help you conduct the best open house yet!

As you know, some open houses are serene and easy to manage while others are chaotic and frenzied affairs that draw in more people than you could possibly meet. 

Having a game plan to collect accurate and complete contact information from future prospects is the most important thing you can do on this high-touch day.

How Do You Know Who Your Most Valuable Prospects Are?

When no two open houses are the same, how do you reliably weed out the looky-loos from potential future clients?

And for the names and numbers you do collect, how do you prioritize who to contact first? 

Who do you schedule appointments with?

We've Got You!

Designed as a raffle with an opt-in to win a great prize (a Moving Game Plans moving kit), your leads are incentivized to provide their correct—legible—contact information. 

When your guests fill in the sign-in sheet and check the box to indicate they want to enter your raffle for a moving kit, you can safely assume that they’re planning to move in the next 3-6 months, or they know someone who is!

 Voila! You’ve just collected a valid lead.