How does it work?

The system is simple: a color-coded diagram, rolls of colored tape, and room labels are all included in the Moving Game Plans kit. The diagram—or game board—called the Simple Move Chart, is filled in by the person in charge of the move: the person who knows where everything should go (usually an adult, but kids will find it fun too!), then adhered to a prominent position on the front of the house.

Using the Simple Move Chart as a guide, packers affix the assigned colored tape to the top corners of each box in a way that allows the tape to be visible from all sides. Once all the possessions are loaded into the truck and hauled to the new home, the move manager displays the Chart near the front door and affixes strips of color-coordinated tape across the jambs of each associated room. 

Now, the hired move team can compare the chart to the color-coded boxes, and easily recognize exactly where each box should be delivered. No more confusion over which room is “bedroom 1,” “bedroom 2,” or “bedroom 3.” 

In our world of multicultural and multilanguage workers, homeowners can be assured that their belongings are delivered to the correct place in the house, and not just dumped in the garage or living room to be sorted over days, weeks, months, or even years. 

Why the world needs it?

In today’s climate, more and more people are opting for a hybrid of the DIY move; usually packing their belongings themselves, then hiring movers to do the heavy lifting. This hybrid style of move management is less expensive and gives homeowners more control over how their precious belongings are handled throughout the moving process.

Who wants it?

Moving Game Plans is ideal for families and anyone else who wants to streamline or gamify an otherwise boring and tedious move. 

It also makes an excellent gift for REALTORS® to provide to their clients, either to secure a listing or as a client appreciation gift at the close of escrow.

Our Realtor gave us your product and we can’t thank her enough! It made our move more organized, and much more fun! We found the system very clever and useful and the kids enjoyed picking colors and using them, which made helping out more fun. We all loved the product! 

It's a wonderful idea. There are too many mega-businesses and corporations these days selling junk. And not enough small, custom businesses with outstanding products and service like yours! Nina - Los Altos Hills, CA ★★★★★